The Lord’s Work

Me: “I’m telling you, there’s this shop in Philadelphia & I swear, they are doing the Lord’s work.”

My Girlfriend: “Honey, I love you, but sometimes you sound like an idiot.”

Hammarhead Industries has a simple mission statement: Honor the Past, but Never Look Back.  Looking at the line of bikes the shop has turned out, nothing could be more fitting.  But even still, I’m not sure what the best word is for what the shop’s founder, James Loughead is doing out there.  “Retro-engineering” doesn’t sound quite right.  And in context, it somehow cheapens the craft and the craftsman to leave it at “modification”. 

That gray area between form and function is a wonderful place.  And nestled firmly in there is what must be Hammarhead’s masterpiece: The Triumph Jack Pine.  A bike that looks like a machine you’d have seen Bud Ekins swing his leg over in 1967 before tearing through the desert at 90 mph.  It is an elegant machine, but one designed to be used out in the elements and come through the other side perfectly fine.

Made In Britain.  Perfected in America.

Read on after the jump for pics.


Hammarhead just built one of these beauties for Norman Reedus.

865cc Twin - takes 90 days to build one, 2012 models clocking in at $16,500

Hammarhead and their Jack Pine recently caught my eye – in the July 2011 issue of Cycle World.  Here’s the video those guys put up as a companion piece to a really wonderful article.  And if you can’t afford one of their bikes yet, you can get that kick ass logo on a shirt and support the shop that way.


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