Death Proof IV : Evel Knievel

While it would be complete & utter folly to hold up my Death Proof series as examples of great (or even, having just reread them, marginally acceptable) pieces of writing up on this site – they were most certainly the most fun to do.  By a long shot.

(They also rack up some of the most hits of any posts here – though Jasper’s Robocop piece is still the most popular thing in the site’s history… goddammit)

The idea there was, simply enough: celebrate stuntmen & stuntwomen.  That’s it. 

And while the three posts I did write covered a fair amount of ground – there’s still more singing owed these unsung heroes. 

Most notably… I never did write about Evel Knievel.

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Just Let the Kings Fans Have Their Damn Moment

Last year, when the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup, I got to experience a portion of it.  I’m – obviously – not a player.  I’m just a fan, in a city full of fans.  Of good people who put a large amount of themselves into the way they watch sports.  I used to let my moods be dictated by how well the Bruins were doing. 

I think the Win (hey, writing it that way is a good shorthand for “this is important”!) brought out some of the very best traits of this city.

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3 More

Ah!  I lied!  Not on purpose – but I just thought to check an old Photobucket account and found therein three more pieces of my artwork from Back in the Day. 

The first one is a painting of a little angry clover guy I remember having my mind set on putting up all over my hometown (that never happened, as it were).  I also remember doing this just as an excuse to play with a shiny new Montana paint pen I had at the time.

The next one is a drawing I did for… for some reason, I’m sure… of a roller derby gal.

The next is a piece of SMart (SModcast art) that makes me giggle.

These are defintely wicked old (/kinda sucky) but just like with the sketch of my girlfriend I found yesterday, I’m glad I have these.

Revenge of the Clover!