A Note from the Captain: Amendment One

May 15th, 2012

Here I sit, not two months from my oft-mentioned Great Move South, and I am at once, ashamed of and sorrowful for my home state, which six days ago passed an amendment to its constitution some say “protects the traditional family” but which far more accurately legally defines homosexual men and women as second-class citizens (at best) in North Carolina.

This is a fact.  By voting into law an asterisk that prohibits gay couples from getting married, the populous at large has denied a right to a portion of itself.  There is no point pussy-footing around this and I for one would have far more respect for the reactionary, God-fearing, apparent majority in North Carolina if they would just be upfront and honest about it.  This talk of “victory” among the camps who worked to get Amendment One ratified (I flat-out refuse to refer to them by their shiny new, self-proclaimed moniker for the year 2012 and beyond, the insidiously misappropriated “Pro-Family”) is, setting journalistic objectivity aside for a moment now, fucking sickening.

There is a temptation here to really throw away all restraint and just wail – but this is not a diary.  Am I angry?  Goddamn right.  Now, on with it.

This is not about Family as the Right profess.  By the same token, this is not about Hate as the Left profess.

Oh there’s hate.  For sure, there is hate.  Like the little fucker who uploaded a video of himself shooting holes into a stolen Anti-Amendment sign, apparently having never before witnessed how the Internet works.  I’d just like to point out now, as an aside, that I thought it was terribly ironic how he used what is apparently his sister’s gun.

But the vast majority of people – even, I’m sure, the vast majority who voted to see Amendment One made a reality – in NC are good people.  I do not believe that my home state (or indeed, anyone’s home state) is entirely populated with people writhing their hands together, cackling at the thought of their own machinations. 

No.  It’s not about Family and it’s not about Hate.  It’s about Fear.

Fear of what one does not understand manifest into legislative action under the guise of protecting Traditional Values – a concept which has been abducted and abused, tied and gagged, by groups like Vote FOR Marriage NC.

Values that have come to be defined as Traditional for the sole reason that they matter to people.  Because it matters for one person to commit themselves to another.  Because we are all – daily – dying.  And to stave off the burden of that eternal reality by falling in love, by getting married, by starting a family… that’s kind of a big part of being human.

It is a corruption of the word “value” (I will be mailing my Congressman a dictionary this year with words highlighted where there appears to be some confusion) to deny that right to another person.  At the strictest interpretation – one stripped of idealogy, of anger, of logical fallacies – that is what was just passed in North Carolina. 

North Carolina is the thirtieth state in the Union to pass legislature like this. 

America, you are failing your citizens.

We are failing each other.

For fuck’s sake.