3 More

Ah!  I lied!  Not on purpose – but I just thought to check an old Photobucket account and found therein three more pieces of my artwork from Back in the Day. 

The first one is a painting of a little angry clover guy I remember having my mind set on putting up all over my hometown (that never happened, as it were).  I also remember doing this just as an excuse to play with a shiny new Montana paint pen I had at the time.

The next one is a drawing I did for… for some reason, I’m sure… of a roller derby gal.

The next is a piece of SMart (SModcast art) that makes me giggle.

These are defintely wicked old (/kinda sucky) but just like with the sketch of my girlfriend I found yesterday, I’m glad I have these.

Revenge of the Clover!



Jeremy Fish (the King of North Beach) driving through Texas in his custom van, well-equipped with a sombrero and a poncho.

You’re welcome.

Deep Art Frummy

This sketch I did of my (not-then) girlfriend some years ago is literally the only piece I have of my old artstuff anymore.  Not to imply that I think this fact is some tragedy (ain’t the Hemingway trunk we’re talking about here).  It doesn’t even really register with me as a bummer.

I’m making a concentrated effort to art more of late – tapping into a side of myself I turned off for a while there due to circumstances – and find myself with no tangible history to add to.  Totally fresh start.

Which is kinda cool because a lot of my old drawings totally suck.

Even this one isn’t all that great for what should be wholly obvious reasons to anyone with eyes.  But it does make me happier than anything else I ever did – this sketch torn out of the back of a notebook that never became a better drawing, never became a painting.  This, almost certainly, has more to do with the subject than the sketch itself, but anyway – glad this early, early, early drawing survived over any of the others.

I’m off to draw now, dudes & dudettes – first time in a long time – I’ll put some stuff up sooner or later